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Frequently Assumed Questions That I Haven't Yet Been Asked

  • Are there any big changes with AWD besides the obvious?

    • Yes, your rear AB motors will change which belt they're connected to. This is to keep compatibility with stock XYjoints. (This is not true of 2WD)
  • Who actually needs to do this?

    • People who are sad they didn't build an Annex printer or otherwise hate money.
  • Can I use these plates on my Trident?

  • Can I see your IS graphs?

    • No because my printers are in pieces and I didn't save the images. Coming soon-ish.
  • Can I mod this?

  • I can't CAD and need help with how to assemble this, can you help?

    • Time to learn how to look at CAD files! You can ask for help in the relevant channels on the Armchair Heavy Industries Discord if you really get stuck.
  • Why aren't there assembly instructions?

    • Because I have a near-zero attention span